While at one time every gentleman carried a cane or walking stick, these days people usually only use a cane because of health issue. As a consequence, most canes are usually depressingly utilitarian. This is especially the case if it is one of those metal, adjustable-height ones. If you are using a cane, either permanently or temporarily because of an injury, you might jazz it up a bit. There are several things you can do to accomplish this.

Things You'll Need:
Spray Glue, Scissors, Striped Ribbon, Stickers, Glitter.

Spray a thin layer of glue over the length of the cane. Then start wrapping a length of ribbon around the cane, cutting it off when you reach the bottom of the cane. Let the glue dry. As an alternative, use colored spray paint to paint your cane and let it dry.

Place decorative stickers all over the cane. These can be on anything you choose. You can use sheets of pre-made stickers, or you can print clip art or even photos that you then cut out. Add blank stickers that friends and family can sign.

Spray another layer of glue over the cane. Now sprinkle multi-colored glitter over the cane. Let the glue dry.

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