In many cases walking cane handles are wooden. Also may be used other materials as metal, resin and leather. 

Leather handle of walking cane

Leather handle canes are popular because of two reasons. Firstly, they make the grip extremely comfortable. They are the wisest choice ensure daylong comfort for your hands, i.e. when using a cane for extended periods. High-quality leather strip is wrapped over the handle for a customized, precise fitting. The second reason lies in the distinguished aura of leather. Most leather handle canes use a premium quality leather that instantly elevates a humble cane to a lifestyle accessory. Leather handle cane are useful in all seasons while some people call leather canes a winter fashion accessory or a winter cane, there are no hard rules when you can deploy these lifestyle canes. The premium leathers used here ensure there is negligible sweating when the leathered handle is gripped deep within the palm. Some varieties of leather can quickly absorb some amount of sweat, ensuring you get a comfortable cane handling experience at all times. During winters, the warm and soft feeling of leather is preferred over the feel of cold plastics / acrylics and harder woods.

Leather walking cane for women

These leather canes offer a unique, comfortable grip while providing a distinguished touch to the look of any outfit. Shop these leather wrapped cane handle options to find a variety of styles, all made using high-quality leather that is one of the best materials for use in a cane handle. It naturally absorbs moisture from your palm in the summertime while providing a soft, warm feel in the winter. These leather walking canes are great if you prefer a soft, padded grip and you don't want to sacrifice any style in your selection. Each of these models features hand-stitched leather for lasting quality, so you know that your purchase will be with you for years to come!

Leather walking cane

Leather walking cane