Walking canes have many different types of handles. We want to tell you about the most popular of them for you to know which one will be the most suitable, comfortable and also beautiful for you.

Walking cane handle types

Walking cane handle types

Anatomical handleANATOMICAL HANDLE This hadle looks specific because of it`s design. It`s also comfortable and secure, keeps the weight of the user directly over the shaft and the shape allows for terrific stability and comfort for the cane user. Also the shape makes for a fluid, art like shape suited well to scorched woods.



Crook handleCROOK & HOOK HANDLE This is very classic and traditional handle of walking cane. One of the first canes ever made. Many people love this cane handle because it is very convenient to hook onto arms, chair backs, door knobs etc. For others, the crook walking cane enables them to use it as a way to walk with an even gait. The rounded handle allows for a natural swing which helps the user to walk with a rhythmic pace. A crook handle is also one of the stronger canes as it is usually made from one piece of wood with a natural hook or a steamed hook shape. This cane usually made in roustic style, but now there many examples of walking canes with crook handles in other styles.

Derby handleDERBY HANDLE There things that never lose their actuality. This is about canes with derby handle. The users weight is placed a little more over the shaft, resulting in better stability and since the handle is often made separate from the shaft, it can be done with different materials and designs and then joined to a variety of cane shafts.



Fritz handleFRITZ HANDLE This cane handle design is rumored to have been originally designed for sensitive arthritic hands by a German prince in the 1600's. A comfortable handle that does ease the pressure on the hand for the user somewhat, these handles are often used for slightly more formal cane designs as they can be thinner handles since the full weight of the user is directly over the shaft. Fritz, Shovel and T- handle canes are all very similar in that they all have flatter handles.


Contour grip handleCONTOUR GRIP HANDLE This is another ergonomic handle meant to mold to the users grip like the Palm handle, but in this case all the weight is over the shaft directly. Good stability can be found with this handle, as the grip is less likely to fall away from your hand. They are made from different materials. 



Palm grip handlePALM GRIP HANDLE (also known as the Fisher handle) Designed for those with hand pain or arthritic hand conditions, the palm grip more widely distributes the users weight resulting in less pressure on the hand. Users also find this handle to offer increased stability when walking as the grip is fashioned to match your palm. This handle is hand specific so you will want to get the help of your health care professional to decide what hand to use your cane with when walking.



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