Every period of our life is very special. And there are some years when you need special support for your balance. We want to tell you about wooden canes for seniors and eldery people

Wooden canes for seniors and eldery people

It’s been said that dogs are the man’s best friend, but that all changes once you grow old or have suffered serious medical injuries because then the trusty walking cane will swiftly replace the four-legged friends on the priority list. There’s no doubt about the fact that a suitable cane improves the mobility of an elderly person by a large degree, though the product should still be chosen with utmost care.

There are two major factors that have a strong effect on the quality of a cane: weight and sturdiness. As such, the right material is different for each person; the general rule is that frail old seniors and recovering patients are better to have lightweight canes that doesn’t put too much strain on their movement, while larger people should pick a product manufactured with a strong alloy capable of supporting the whole body.

Wooden walking cane for women and men

In the past, walking aids were made of the most beautiful parts of ash and cherry trees for an end product that was not only pleasing to the eye but proven to be a steady companion of seniors for many years. Indeed, wooden canes balance durability and weight pretty well.Most manufacturers tend to create walking sticks with wood and they can be folded. And such canes will be also a great accessory, because you are beautiful in each period of life and deserve the best!

Wooden folding walking cane for seniors and eldery people

Just follow the instructions how to measure the height of cane you need, chose the most comfortable handle for you and also the best design. You can add some accessories that will help you while you`re using the cane. Such as wrist straps to prevent your stick from falling and bag if your cane is folding.

Leather wrist strap for walking cane for eldery

Leather bag for folding walking cane for eldery