When you choose walking cane one of the most important characteristics you may be interested about is safety. Especial if we talk about collapsible (folding) sticks. In this blog we want to tell you a little about some advantages of such canes and answer the question: "Are collapsible (folding) canes safe?"

Are collapsible (folding) canes safe?

Are collapsible (folding) canes safe?

One of the “in vogue” factors of human nature is this: we like our belongings small for portability and storage reasons. Bulky medical equipment is considered more of a nuisance than a help, especially for individuals who have a higher fall risk and wish to reduce the clutter in their living space. So when it comes to canes, why do people wish for them to be smaller than they really are? Most people would agree that a cane doesn’t typically take up a lot of space, and it can be easily moved out of tripping range by simply leaning against the wall or a piece of furniture.

A cane is a small item in comparison to other ambulation equipment, but it’s still absurdly long enough to not fit in most suitcases or plane compartments. Folding canes provide ease in travel, especially on a tight-spaced plane or bus in which there is very little room for extra personal belongings.

To make a folding cane worth the buy, it would be for an individual who is not constantly up and walking all of the time. That would include two type of people: someone who expects to sit a lot or someone who can walk relatively well without it for short distances (i.e. someone who uses a cane for outdoor use only).

Some older adults can feel self-conscious about using a cane. They feel that a cane ages them and reflects their age-related weaknesses. So instead of showing off a cane to the world 24/7, a folding cane gives them an option to store it out of sight when they don’t need it.

Are collapsible (folding) canes safe?

Now here is the real question: when a manufacturer cuts a cane in half for the sake of folding, is the cane actually safe for use? Or, due to the fold, is the integrity of the entire cane compromised?

Conclusion regarding foldable walking canes: They are a safe ambulation option if used correctly. Safety becomes a concern when: there is an arthritic impairment, there is visual impairment, and there is poor body mechanics.

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