There are many different handle types of walking canes. We want to share with you about each of them. Crook handle of walking canes is one of the most classic types of cane handles. It`s realy beautiful and elegant design for men and women.

Crook handle of walking canes

Crook handle of walking canes

Crook handles are referred to as J handles or Tourist Handles and are widely regarded as the pioneer of all handle designs, perhaps the first handle that engaged mass popularity. A simple handle with an elaborate curve, crook canes are also referred to as Shepherd’s Cane—because of the design’s similarity to a shepherd’s crook. These are among the easiest canes to grip, handle and carry—making them popular among women too.

Crook handle canes have multiple applications with limited usage as a purely fashion accessory. For many, these are basic canes with a rustic aura. Their range of use is miscellaneous, extending from pulling down branches of trees to a basic tool for self-defense! These are the safest gifting option if you want to present a walking cane but aren’t sure about preferences of the individual. Crook handle walking canes are often misinterpreted as hiking sticks too. This is because of their widespread presence and common use as a hiking walking support.

Bamboo folding walking cane with crook handle

Our range of walking canes in crook handle present few designs of such canes. This includes canes made from different materials, i.e. apart from the conventional hardwood canes. You can also find crook wooden canes where the shaft comes with a natural presentation, i.e. with slights twists and bends. For people who have an active lifestyle, we have a selection of folding bamboo canes too. Ergonomically designed for people on-the-go, these canes are ideal for folks who have space issues and need an easy-to-pack, compact cane.