Details matter. Sometimes little thing can change the whole picture. Walking cane is created to make your life more comfortable, but  folding canes for travel will help you to transport your stick especially if you don`t use it all the time.

Folding canes for travel

Folding cane for travel

Folding canes for travel are becoming very popular both as a primary cane and as a secondary cane for traveling. A folding cane, as the name indicates, is collapsible to fit into small spaces, such as a purse, suitcase, backpack, briefcase or under the car seat. They are light in weight, however, sturdy to the grip and stable when one is ambulating.    Some folding canes are attractively decorated. And it`s good and we think neccessary to also buy a leather bag for such cane for you to travel comfortable. Just select the perfect one for both comfort and convenience, and remember, a folding cane may be just the perfect cane for you when taking trips.

Folding cane for travel wooden

Collapsible, folding, and travel canes are the perfect answer if you are flying somewhere or heading off for an ocean cruise and don’t want to drag along a full-sized cane. Crafted from wood these collapsible and folding travel canes come in a variety of styles. Able to pack up in a small package, these sticks are exceptionally easy to carry around or tuck into a piece of luggage. 

We always try to create comfortable and useful designs of our walking canes and also to keep them classic, because we think that walking stick is a great accessory for real gentlemen no matter what is your age and with which purpuse you use it.

Folding cane for travel wooden lion