Handmade walking canes

It is precious when things are designed and made special for you! We believe that details matter that's why we create only handmade walking canes. That's why our every cane is one of a kind, unique and exclusive! 

Handmade walking canes

A walking stick, and particularly a wooden one, is one of those elemental objects whose evolution from literally a stick to its modern, sophisticated form can be so clearly seen as to be a no brainer. Out for a walk, who has not picked up a stick, whooshed it around, leant on it when walking up a steep hill and, in essence, indulged a very old instinct.

A good stout walking stick is an extremely useful thing and can be used for bush bashing, clearing cobwebs, testing the depth of streams and puddles, fending off assailants, attacking miscreants, it can be slung across the shoulders to carry buckets of water or other belongings, it can be used to poke down holes, to stir the grass for snakes, to hit something to attract attention - the list is endless.

At some stage walking sticks became a fashion accessory for men which is when a great variety of styles and decoration became available with handles being made from silver, bronze, bone, ivory, precious wood and those handles carved, embossed, inlaid with gems and pearl and generally embellished in myriad ways.

Exclusive walking canes

Walking sticks and canes have been a part of society for centuries. Whether you are using a walking stick to help keep your pace and balance in nature walking along hiking trails, a colorful wardrobe accessory, or to help you walk around due to health issues a walking cane can be useful. Canes have been seen as symbols of authority and used as weapons with hidden knives or built in stun guns in some of the more modern canes.

A walking stick has four parts, the handle, the band, the shaft, and the ferrule. The handle is typically the most glorified piece and can be constructed of ornamental metals, carved bone or antler, carved wood, crystal, or any other type of ornate finishing touch you can think of. The band joins the handle to the shaft if they’re different materials such as a metal handle on a wooden shaft. A ferrule is located at the bottom of the stick or cane as the tip and is sometimes the same material as the handle and is used to protect the end of the stick.

Decorative, use, and gadget walking sticks are the most common currently available. Decorative sticks and canes are mostly available through specialty shops mainly online. Materials through a specialty company for the hand grips could include hand carved wood with various designs including rabbits, dogs, ducks, fish, horse heads, and many others. Decorative canes can serve dual purpose for assisting the elderly and those with health conditions for useful purposes and fashion accessories. Commonly used materials for the handles include ivory, silver, wood, glass, and porcelain. Silver ranks among the most popular material types and often are shaped into animal figures or simple round knobs. Wooden handles are most often carved by hand while porcelain handles were formed using molds.

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