Your cane is a good thing for balancing and support. And while using unfortunately you can broke or damage it. But in the most cases it is possible to make it useful and beautiful again. And in this blog we want to share with you an instruction: how to repair walking sticks and canes?

How to repair walking sticks and canes?

How to repair walking sticks and canes?

You rely on your cane or walking stick to give you support, balance and also for a style. After all the miles you put on your walking stick, eventually it will need repairs. And sometimes you can broke it while using. Walking sticks and canes crack, the cane tips wear out and handles break. And there is an instruction walking cane repairs to get even more use and freedom out of it.

How to repair cracks in a walking stick or cane?

Your cane is under a lot of stress every time you use it. The pressure exerted on the wood ultimately results in small cracks. These cracks are not just an eyesore but a sign of weakening material that leads to larger cracks. Filling and repairing these cracks with wood epoxy or wood filler may help extend the life of the walking stick.

  1. Gently sand the area of the repair if you will refinish the cane once complete.
  2. Clean the repair area thoroughly with a soft cloth, making sure you remove all the dirt and debris from inside the crack.
  3. Wearing protective gloves, mix the epoxy or wood filler according to the instructions.
  4. Push the epoxy or filler into the cracks on the cane with your hands.
  5. Scrape away the excess filler with a plastic knife or scraper.
  6. Allow the filler product to dry (check instructions for drying time).
  7. Sand the cane lightly until a uniform surface texture is achieved.
  8. Clean the surface thoroughly with a dry, cloth towel
  9. Apply wood sealer to the repair area , let dry and then refinish as desired.

How to replace walking cane tips?

One of the most common cane repairs is replacing the cane tip. This is a fairly easy repair to execute, asides from removing the tip which is the most difficult part. To replace a cane tip do the following:

  1. Apply heat from a hairdryer or heat gun around the cane tip. Or, to release suction tips, slide a pin or hairpin between the tip and the cane until you break the air seal. 
  2. Grasp the cane tip with a pair of large pliers and twist until the tip becomes loose.
  3. Rotate the cane tip from side to side and gently remove it from the shaft.
  4. Clean the exterior of your cane tip to remove residue and dirt.
  5. Push the new rubber cane tip onto the end of the cane.
  6. Twist and push the tip onto the cane.
  7. Tap the cane tip on the ground to secure it in place. Ensure the tip is fully on before use.

How to repair walking cane handle?

Your cane handle is one of the most stress-absorbing cane parts. Therefore it is prone to damage and often in need of repair. Luckily, today cane handles are fairly easy to replace. If you have a designer cane handle you can simply unscrew the handle and replace it with a new one.

How to replace walking cane handle?
  1. Unscrew the existing handle by turning it counterclockwise
  2. Replace the bushing
  3. Attach the new handle by screwing it securely to the base

How to repair wood cane or walking stick handle?

A wood or other cane handle can be repaired by sealing and filling cracks, or by replacing the entire handle completely.

  1. Lightly sand the handle with 100-200 grit sandpaper
  2. Clean the handle thoroughly with a cloth and soapy water
  3. Let dry completely
  4. Apply wood filler to the cracked areas
  5. Scrape off excess and let dry overnight
  6. Sand and refinish the handle

Do not forget about sealing of your walking stick - use protectant and polish!