If you use cane there are some questions you can face with in different situations. We all know that in travelling with a plane there are many rules. That`s why in this blog we want to tell about "How to travel with your walking cane?"

How to travel your with walking cane?

If you have only recently begun using a walking cane, you might be wondering about the procedures in place when you are traveling by plane.

How to travel with your walking cane?

There are so many security regulations that it can often be quite confusing about what you can take on a plane and what you cannot.

This article deals with all the finer points of traveling by airplane with your cane.

To make sure that you get through airport security quickly and to ensure that the cane fits in the plane, you can use a collapsible cane.

This way, when you have to hand over your cane, you can simply fold it up, allow it to be handled more easily.

For this particular occasion, you may want to consider a cane that is a little different to what you are currently using.

As a walking cane is an assistive device, you are able to take it aboard an aircraft.

This means that until you sit down on the plane, you will have your walking cane with you. Due to the security measures in place, however, you may have to be parted with it at times.

For instance, it will have to be placed in the x-ray machine to be examined by airport security. If you have difficulties standing upright without any assistance, you should inform a member of the security team. They will be able to guide you until you are given your cane back.

It is always a good idea to check beforehand regarding what policies that particular airport might have in place. By doing this, you will be able to avoid confusion, unpleasantness, or delays.

It may be helpful to carry along any medical documents you may have concerning your physical condition.

You will need to hand over your walking cane once you have been seated. The flight attendant will store it for you in a designated area.

Once the plane has touched down at the destination, the cane will be returned to you. If you are not allowed to keep your cane with you, you should remember to ask for it before getting up to walk around.

If you are given permission to keep the cane with you, you should ask the flight attendant the best way to store. As you are surrounded by other passengers in rather cramped conditions, your cane may get in the way.

If you need any assistance at all either in the airport or on the plane, it is imperative that you ask for it. This way, you will avoid doing any harm to yourself or others.

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