We sure that you love fashion! And to create beautiful outfits! Here we want to tell you a little how walking cane can be a great accessory for your outfits?

How walking cane can be a great accessory for your outfits?

For a long time, walking canes had a functional goal but all this changed during the late 16th century in Europe when they emerged as a fashion accessory. This is when fashion canes gained popularity and exotic selections like the Malacca Cane and ivory handle canes generated a lot of interest. For the aristocracy of that era, having different canes for different durations of the day became a norm, including an evening and day cane! Today, fashion canes are making a comeback, among men and women across the world.

An evening or formal walking stick is the perfect accessory to complete a smart outfit when the dress code is morning dress, black tie or white tie. Whether traditional or contemporary, the cane should be selected with care to add elegance, authority and panache to the user’s appearance. We have thus selected a comprehensive range of dress canes for every type of formal occasions.

The Ralph Lauren Fall 2012 collection featured the walking stick as an accessory in its 1930’s gentleman inspired collection, which featured women wearing bowler hats and tweed. Brad Pitt proved that he could look stylish with a walking stick at the 23rd Palm Springs International Film Festival’s Awards Gala in 2012 when he was nursing a knee injury.

Walking sticks (not walking canes) are mainly items of fashion. They are often not designed to take any weight at all, as they are little more than accessories. They can be made from a wide variety of materials, and their handles can get very elaborate- and uncomfortable! But such sticks are great accessories for many events.

How walking canes can be a great accessory for your outfits?

Just look at our walking canes and find yours perfect fashion accessory! And be yourself!