Skull walking cane

Skull walking canes have a special style and it is a interesting idea for your collection.There are different materials used for such canes and different handle designs.

Skull walking cane

There was a time when a cane was the exclamation point to a gentleman’s attire, but canes have also been put to a remarkable range of uses.

The object at hand is a cane — slender yet strong, gleaming black, its handle widely arched to fit a big hand. The perfect accessory for a man with gracefully silvered hair, strikingly black eyebrows and steely eyes. A man with character in his face. A man who looks as if he should be President.

Walking sticks make a great fashion accessory, and the best fashion makes a statement. There are few symbols that evoke as powerful a response as the classic skull, so it'd be daft to overlook it as a way to spruce up a cane or walking stick. At Art Walking Sticks, we stock a range of skull handle walking sticks, providing you with a stick that turns heads and is surprisingly comfortable in the hand.

It is time to explore beyond the maze of similar looking canes and step into the world of exclusive cane designs! The most impressive member of this lesser explored niche is the Skull Cane. A perfect combination of style and utility, the Skull Cane has been modeled with a gothic look to pose a tough look and great walking ease. The radiant skull motif on the top exhibits a crisp detailing, which is beautifully accentuated by an appealing chrome finish throughout the handle. The metallic construction of this handle provides a wonderful visual contrast to the wooden shaft structured below. The sturdy wooden shaft measures can be customized in length based on the requirements of the customer. Its gothic appeal makes it an impressive accessory too.

This is a dramatic walking stick with attitude. Featuring a solid handle in the shape of a skull, this cane is a guaranteed attention grabber. Part brooding, Byronesque gothic, part rock’n’roll, this is a walking stick for someone with style and unique character.