Fighting canes

Tactical, fighting and self defense canes are not typical in our daily understanding of the walking canes. And the use of a cane was usually associated with a sign of old age and the weakening of the limbs. The purpose of the cane is to add some stability while performing basic day to day tasks either indoors or outside. And also it can be used for a self defense.

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Tactical, fighting and self defense canes

The cane can be an effective self defense weapon. In order to effectively use a cane you must first know how to use the cane as a weapon. Second, there must be sufficient balance to use those techniques.

Tactical, fighting and self defense canes

Canes used to have a crooked handle. This curve is a significant portion of the cane as a weapon. Modern canes are ergonomically designed to safely support the user and prevent slippage of the hand off the cane. This change has eliminated the curved handle. The cane is now similar to a short staff and many techniques need to be eliminated and the cane made more functional. This means rethinking the whole mechanism of self defense.

Given that the system can be changed, and the techniques already exist, the individual must be physically able to use those techniques. Some people who have used a cane for a long time with sufficient balance would be very capable of using a cane for self defense. Others, who are new to the cane, especially those who are convalescent or elderly, would have a difficult time using the cane as a weapon.

Tactical canes

As far as a healthy person carrying a for self defense, there could be legal ramifications if it were actually used. There is nothing illegal about carrying the cane, but you certainly will not be able to enter an airplane with one, especially if you are healthy. If that cane carried a live blade inside, it could be seen as carrying a concealed weapon and might have significant repercussions.
Modern self defense canes include shillelaghs, taser canes, sword canes, projectile self defense canes etc.
But also every simple walking cane is sef defensive.

And it is good to know for such cases some basic self defense moves with a cane:

  • • Blocking a punch. First and foremost, you need to know how to block a strike from the assailant. Observe their body language and from which side the punch is coming from. Then take your cane and use it to stop the momentum of the strike.

  • • Getting out of a choke. If your find yourself getting choked (gripped in the neck area), there is an effective way of handling this situation. Put your cane between you and the aggressor then use both your hands to push down. This is a simple move that can be helpful in a moment of attack. You can follow this up with a swing to the body or poking to the abdomen area.

  • • Over the head hit. 

  • • Poke. This move is performed by driving the end of the cane to the aggressor`s abdomen area and pushing till the peak of our reach.

  • • Body strikes. Swing your cane on to the body of the perpetrator targeting the upper parts of the body. While doing so, remember to fire from your back leg just like the picture shown below.

And here are some self defense tips with a cane:

  • • Improve your body posture. Try to walk straight with chins up.

  • • When walking alone, try to be aware of your surroundings.

  • • Listen to your gut.

  • • Learn to keep a safe distance at all times.

  • • Make sure you grip the cane tightly.

Tactical canes 

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