Different designs of walking canes not just look different. They also have some characteristics that will help you in your current situation. That`s why here we have top rated walking canes 2020.

Top rated walking canes. The 5 best walking canes of 2020

1. Best overall: Derby handle walking cane

A derby handle is more stylish than the crook handle walking cane. It is also more ergonomically shaped and can equalize the pressure on your hand and wrist when you use the cane. This style is used to assist with balance and mobility. This is very useful and beautiful design for many years.

Best overall Derby handle walking cane

2. Best classic: Crook handle walking cane

The classic style of walking cane is the crook handle cane, often made of hardwood. It is most often used to assist in balance or to relieve pressure on the opposite side of the body. It usually has a simple design, often made from one single piece of wood. It can weigh under a pound but still being strong. It is fitted with a cane tip. You can find designs from different types of wood. The crook handle walking cane can come in handy in assisting in other tasks, such as closing doors.

Best classic Crook handle walking cane

3. Best style: Knob handle walking cane

A walking cane with a decorative knob handle or simple knob handle can be used to provide extra balance and stability. Or, it may be carried as a fashion accessory or self-defense weapon. It is very unique but also classic design. 

Best style Knob handle walking cane

4. Best for long walks: Trekking pole walking stick (or stave)

A simple walking stick without a handle, fashioned from a hickory branch or other hardwood, can give extra balance and stability for walking or hiking. This cane looks beautiful You can make one yourself ​if you have the right wood available, or purchase one ready-made. Often, a leather strap is attached to help with the grip. You can carve the stick or decorate it with cane shields, stones, shells, or other memorabilia. 

Best for long walks Trekking pole walking stick (or stave)

5. Best for travel: Folding walking cane

A folding walking cane can be easier to pack along and to stow away when you are seated. These designs are the most comfortable when you travel.

Best for travel Folding walking cane