Vacation ideas for this summer is a really important topic today. And we want to give you some great ideas for your unforgettable summer this year!

Vacation ideas for this summer

As some states reopen in the U.S. following the COVID-19 pandemic, many will feel called to get away after being cooped up in their homes for months. Destinations, hotels, and attractions are working hard to make it safe for travelers to visit once again, but even then, travelers are living in a reality where social distancing on vacation is vital to keep themselves and others safe. We've rounded up all the creative ways you can vacation this summer and still social distance.

Virtual Vacays

Virtual travel experiences have exploded since the pandemic hit, and as it stands, it's still the safest way to explore the world. It could be fun to plan a virtual four-day vacation in which you visit different regions around the globe each day, and thematically plan the day with virtual activities and meals and drinks associated with those regions. Plus, it's far more cost-effective for those who have been financially hurt by the pandemic.

State Parks

State parks are often overlooked compared to their national counterparts, but they offer a wealth of outdoor adventure, well away from large crowds. Book a cabin in a state park or camp in an RV or tent, staying well distanced from others. Spend your days hiking, kayaking, climbing, and animal watching, and your nights, viewing the stars.

Luxury Staycations

If you don't have the time to take a long vacation this summer or don't feel comfortable traveling the U.S. yet, consider a luxury staycation. Book a two-night stay in the most upscale hotel in the city, enjoying all the amenities the property has to offer. Order food to the room, indulge in a long bath, have cocktails on the balcony, and book an in-room spa massage. Pamper yourself to the fullest extent without putting yourself or others in danger. Bonus: Many luxury hotels are offering major discounts following the pandemic, so take advantage.

RV camping

Book an RV from Outdoorsy and hit the open road. You can cook, sleep, even go to the restroom all from the safety of an RV. The U.S. is a massive country with beautiful natural areas that you can explore by RV. For instance, the Grand Canyon Railway RV Park reopened in May and is ready for those on cross country social distancing adventures who want to stop and see one of the most majestic places in the world.

Vacation ideas for this summer rv camping

Day trips

Whether you don't want to spend the money on a hotel or don't feel safe doing so, then day trips are for you. If you have a car or can rent one, you could plan a short multi-day trip summer vacation. Each day, wake up bright and early to drive to a charming destination, outdoor recreation area, or some quirky roadside attraction. Bring along your meals or go through drive-thrus to minimize your contact with others. Then return that night to stay in the safety of your own home. Wake up to do it all again the next day. Not only will you be putting money back into your local economy but you'll be staying socially-distanced and safe.

Remote Ranches

If you've never had a ranch-style vacation, you're missing out. Ranches like The Ranch at Rock Creek offer a large selection of activities that you can do on your own (or with minimal contact with others) like horseback riding, shooting ranges, spa experiences, and more. Ranch resorts don't tend to have a huge amount of rooms which will minimize your interaction with others and make you feel comfortable vacationing.

Vacation ideas for this summer remote ranches

Boating adventures

Not many people realize you can rent boats that are equipped with sleeping quarters and cooking areas. This summer rent a houseboat on a lake, a sailboat on the coast, or a yacht in a bay. Spend your days swimming in the water, laying out in the sun, reading amidst the breeze, and enjoying a nightcap under the stars. Not only is it a unique vacation experience, but you're well away from others.

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