It is so important to choose the right height of your walking cane for your comfort and health. And in this blog we want to tell you about walking canes for tall people.

Walking canes for tall people

We have noticed some problems for tall people in choosing walking canes. That`s why we`ve created sticks in different sizes.
Because the purpose of a cane is to make it easier for the user to move from one place to the next. If the cane is too short, the user will have to bend down in order to use it as he walks. Perpetually bending down while walking is not advised, since, aside from causing back and neck pain, as well as spinal deformities, it can easily cause one to lose his balance. For this reason, it is imperative for one to choose a sufficiently tall walking cane.

Walking canes for tall people

Extra tall walking canes and walking sticks are made to give support to taller men or woman. You will love how they look and fit without having to hunch over. These long canes are as long as 42 inches. Wood and carbon canes can be cut to the perfect size. We have a great selection in canes for tall people.

Walk with the added comfort of knowing each step you take will be supported. Choose one of our extremely supportive and comfortable walking canes or hiking sticks.

We really want you to feel comfortable with your walking cane. And because of this you can choose the needed one height. All designs you can see in our shop!

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