Walking stick for dog protection

Some things have a multi-functional purpose and that's great. You can also use a cane for walking, as an accessory, and for self-defense. And in this blog we want to share with you about walking stick for dog protection.

Walking stick for dog protection

It’s so very important for everyone (including older adults) to get out as many days as possible for a walk. Walking is by far one of the very best forms of exercise for seniors and we encourage you to do it, but do it safely.

This means to use a cane or walker or even a walking stick as needed. It also means to protect yourself from stray animals and off leash dogs. Even a friendly dog who may want to simply jump on you to say hello can knock a senior off balance and cause serious injury.

So whether you are walking in the woods or around your neighborhood, here are some tips on the best way to protect yourself from aggressive behavior from dogs.

Protect yourself from dogs while walking by: 

    • Choosing walking routes that have no dogs or only enclosed dogs

    • Not making eye contact if you do pass a strange dog

    • Using an ultrasonic whistle, a spray-based deterrent, or a spray water bottle to drive the dog away

    • Assuming a defensive position if attacked. Never run!

It certainly does not matter if it’s a small dog or a large dog, either one can cause enough injury to someone (especially older adults) if they become aggressive and/or attack.

A dog’s owner often considers their furry pet to be another family member. After all, dogs are supposed to be man’s best friend, right? Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case.

Clearly, when you’re out walking, the last thing you want to do is to run the risk of an attack by an undomesticated or aggressive dog. You don’t have to become another dog bite statistic, though.

Walking stick dog protection

Many hikers use walking sticks for balance. Some seniors might walk with heavy canes.

Truthfully, carrying a cane or a walking stick (or even a golf club) for protection against dogs or other animals can be a great way to avoid needing medical attention!

Metal Spike For Walking Cane

We recommend that if you’re going to use a walking stick, then why not make it one that can serve multiple purposes like every in our shop!
The walking stick itself can, in its standard form, serve as an object of protection to ward off a dog attack.

And also some individual additional parts of a walking stick can come in handy in a dangerous situation. As for example metal spike for walking cane. 
Metal ice pick ferrule made of nickel plated steel. These can be fit on the bottom of most wooden canes for sure grip on ice and snow. Metal spike can also serve as a protective blow or to scare away the animal if necessary.