Walking stick for lower back pain

Back pain today is a problem for many people. Especially for the elderly. And in this blog we want to share with you about using of walking stick for lower back pain.

Walking stick for lower back pain

Modern medicine has many treatment options for back pain, but for some people an ancient, low-tech option is the answer—or at least part of the answer.

People have been using canes and walkers to get around for ages, and for good reason. A cane or walker can help you stay active without putting too much weight or pressure on your back.

Staying mobile is important when you have back pain. It not only helps you do what you want to do, it helps you avoid stiffness and keep muscles and bones strong. Staying active helps improve both physical and mental health.

We strongly encourage you to work with your health-care team to be sure you’ve chosen the right type of size of device, that it’s sized correctly for you, and that you’re using your cane or walker correctly.

One thing you may not realize it that you need to hold a cane on the strongest side of your body. So if you have pain or weakness primarily on the left side of the body, the cane goes in the right hand.

This makes sense when you consider that you swing your right arm forward when you move your left leg and vice versa. So your cane swings forward as you move your weak side forward.

Using a cane or walker is just one of many options that can help you remain mobile while recovering from back pain.

Double walking sticks promote better posture

In some instances, walking with two canes is your best bet. No matter what the back pain cause, moving around in a straight, upright position is the goal. Some cane users tend to slouch or walk hunched over while staring at the ground, which isn't helpful to muscles and can make existing pain worse.

If you are guilty of this habit, try using double canes on your next walk or hike. You just might find the added support motivates you to keep going. Additionally, a pair of canes will keep the back muscles from working so hard to maintain balance and possibly reduce the pain and stiffness in those muscles.

Ease your back pain today

When used correctly, a cane can be just the ticket to providing you with some much-needed relief from chronic back pain. We aim to provide our customers with the largest selection of models and designs to ensure that your new cane will meet your style and stability needs. If you're tired of the constant strain that struggling to walk puts on your back, then don't hesitate!