The difference between walking canes for men and women is not so big. But there some things we need to know before we will look for walking stick for a lady.

As you shop, you may notice that some canes say they are better suited to female or male users. Why is that? What’s different about a woman’s cane versus a man’s cane? We will take the mystery out of why there are canes recommended for certain genders.

What is the difference between walking canes for men and women?

What is the difference between walking canes for men and women?

In general, wooden walking canes are considered a “woman’s cane” based on a few factors:

Design. Many wooden cane manufacturers offer beautiful wooden canes with feminine designs such as carvings of flowers or butterflies, or they may put a beautiful pattern on the wooden walking cane that would appeal to a female audience. However, many of our male clients choose these walking canes for themselves simply because they like the color or style.

Weight. Some wooden walking canes are incredibly heavy. That’s because they are carved out of one solid piece of wood, making them true works of art but also incredibly heavy. A good cane should be easy for you to pick up, move, and walk with for an extended period of time without making your hands, wrists or arms tired. Some wooden canes are simply too heavy for many of our female clients, though some male clients may find them difficult to use, too.

What is the difference between walking canes for men and women?

Choosing the right walking stick is very important. A lady's walking stick should be fashionable and elegant. Not only must it offer appropriate support for your requirements, it must also suit your personality and your wardrobe. A walking stick is as much a fashion accessory as it is a mobility aid, and the choice of walking stick can reveal a great deal about its user.

Picking the wooden walking cane that’s right for you is a deeply personal choice, so only you can decide which cane is the right one. Don’t let a label hold you back from choosing a cane that you love and is comfortable for you to use! If you enjoy bright colors and patterns, you may have better luck finding a wooden walking cane that you love in the women’s section. If you have trouble lifting heavy things or have a slighter frame, a women’s cane may be a good choice for you, too.