Wolf head walking cane is one of the most popular animal canes. It is a great present for your father, grandfather or even for yourself.

Wolf head walking cane

Many collectors of walking canes have in their collections animal sticks. Those canes are special, because they have some symbolism for their owners.
There many traditions of different nations that causes the creations of carved walking canes with heads of some animals. Such canes may show you some special mood: courage - lion, peace - bird, power - bear. Or you can have your own associations. Be free in finding yours.
And very special place takes wolf walking cane in collector`s collections. It says about firmness, confidence and other powerful things. 

You can find a big variety of such canes in our shop: with derby handle and carved sticks. We sure that you will find something for yourself that will complete your style and will help you in keeping balance.

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Wolf head walking cane

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