As we all know that walking cane isn`t just a thing for support and balance, but also is a wonderful accessory that will complete the outfits of real gentlemen and very stylish people. In this blog we want to tell you about wooden walking cane trends 2021.

Wooden walking cane trends 2021

Many thousands years ago people started to use canes. And they were like symbols of some social status even so far from our days. There are many different men and women accessories, but this is really historical.

Today we don't need to have walking canes from real gold or silver to be stylish and to show that we have a good taste. But the quality of your wooden, leather, stone, bone or epoxy resin walking cane has to have very high quality.

In any case: if you want to collect walking sticks or you want to find just some beautiful cane for yourself - we want to share with you about the wooden walking canes tendencies of this season. 

1. Unique forms

If you will choose something really unique, it can become a great accent for your outfit. Your walking cane can be something symbolic for you: lion is about power, dove is about something clean and gentle etc.

Let your wardrobe be the talk of the town with your unique canes. Designed with originality in mind, our unique canes are crafted of top-quality materials so you can rest assured that your cane will be a lasting one.

Unique form walking cane

2. Epoxy resin walking canes

Those walking canes have very beautiful colors and can be in different forms and variations. They are also very strong and will serve perfectly in your physical needs.

Epoxy resins are some of the best resins currently available on the industrial market. They have good mechanical properties and resistance to thermal stress and resistance to degradation.

Epoxy resin walking cane trends 2021

3. Rustic style

If you love this style,rustic canes are for you. Rustic is about simplicity and love to nature. 

Lovers of classically quaint designs will instantly fall for our rustic and natural wooden canes. These items are made from the highest quality wood materials and are for anyone with an appreciation for country living and admiration for the natural world.

Rustic style walking cane trends 2021

4. Classic forms

If you are looking for the walking cane that will never lose its actuality, you need to choose classic one. The most classic handle is derby. Very useful, comfortable and traditional. You will always be confident if you don't really like experiments and you`ll be sure that your choice is right.

Derby style walking canes are named after Lord Derby. Derby handles are regarded as an elite choice. Here, it is not about flaunting a design but allowing the classical styling to capture everyone’s attention.

Derby handles are among the earliest of cane handle designs, with a long history of being used by men and women of all ages. The popularity has only risen over the years with derby handles mated across multiple shaft designs.

Derby handle walking cane trends 2021

5. Knob walking cane

These beautiful walking canes are so fashionable. There are knob walking sticks in different colors and from different materials. In our new collection we were inspired by the beauty of our Earth and have created unique canes from natural stone.

With a long tradition of distinguished elegance and sophistication, knob canes offer comfort that you'll love and the classic style that has withstood the test of time for hundreds of years. Popular among gentlemen and ladies alike from medieval times to present, knob handle walking canes fit comfortably into the palm of your hand while offering a sleek, sophisticated look that you are sure to love. 

Knob walking cane trends 2021

Be sure that a walking cane is an accessory that is worthy of your attention. You can collect canes and look amazing wherever you are!