Accessories make our life more comfortable and beautiful. And details really do matter. In this blog we want to share with you about long handled shoe horns.

Long handled shoe horns

Long handle shoe horns are easy to use dressing aids designed to help make putting on shoes easier. To reduce bending and straining, these long handled model provide helpful solutions.

Shoe horns are a very underrated tool in the realm of shoe care. They are much more than something you get at the customer service desk at your favorite store.

We're going to dive into why you should be using a shoe horn and why it is an asset to have.

First, let's discuss a little bit about what a shoe horn is.

Shoe horns come by a few different names. They're sometimes referred to as shoe horn, shoehorn, or shoe spoon depending on who you ask.

They consist of a handle to grip and a then elongate into a thin flat portion. This flat portion is meant to help glide your foot into a snug fitting shoe with ease.

They also come in different lengths. Shorter handed ones are convenient for travel or keeping at the office. Their size is better suited for storage in a bag or purse.

A long handled shoe horn allows you to put on your footwear with less bending. Thus the extra long shoe horn is great to keep in the closet or near your entrance. A long shoe horn is a preference for users who have difficulty bending over.

Shoe horns were originally made from natural animal horn. Animal horn was selected for its strength and beauty. Admirable product features.

Shoe horns date back to the 15th century so natural materials were cutting edge at that time! If you're looking for a timeless gift for someone, a quality natural horn shoe horn or wood is a wonderful option.

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Long handled shoe horns