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Our brand's mission is to provide our customers with a sense of confidence and style when using our canes. We want people to receive compliments on their unique and beautiful canes, shifting the focus away from any perceived weakness or vulnerability. Our goal is to create a product that not only serves a functional purpose but also enhances the user's overall sense of self-assurance and pride in their appearance.

Our story

Our founders belong to the category of people who wanted to help the elderly. When helping people they noticed that they needed support as they could not move on their own.

Since our founders are creative and modern, they decided to make beautiful canes with which people will not be ashamed to walk but opposite they will receive many compliments about their cane, and it makes their walk enjoyable. 

We started by selling decorative canes. It was just a few unique canes that we made by hand. Wow, have things evolved. Today we have more than 500 items. We are still making everything by hand. 

Why walking cane?

These are things that help people, they are also an accessory.

ArtWalkingSticks took the world’s most comfortable cane – and ripped up the rulebook to create something functional. Something beautiful. Something that can help every person.


Each of our handcrafted pieces is made with the same care and precision. Each cane is designed with durability, comfort, and style for the ability to enjoy using unique piece every day for years to come.


We needed space to fuel our creativity, but also to help us grow and react quickly when you buy from us. When you purchase your product from ArtWalkingSticks, it's made to order. We work fast to get your order in your hands as soon as possible.


All of our canes and walking canes are designed by team ArtWalkingSticks, which do not have duplicates. We create a new design every month.

We also invest time into collating and discussing information related to canes and similar walking aids, trying to weave a community of like-minded folks.

We continually work on new product ideas. We can’t wait to show you the new canes we’re working to launch and will tell you about it as soon as we make it perfect. Keep up with what we are doing — really and truly doing — on Facebook and Instagram.

We love working with exotic wood and burls

Burls are the gnarly growths and deformities on trees. You may hear them described as "tumors" or "warts" on trees. We take these deformities and see something incredible inside of them. Working with each piece is like opening a birthday present, every day!

Thank you!

To all of our customers who have helped us get here today, thank you! Some of our best ideas have come from you. We couldn't have done all this without you, we are really proud to call you a customer and we hope you'll stick with us for the long haul!

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Our partners

The success of any business is impossible without reliable and highly professional partners. Get acquainted with companies also manufacture walking canes. We all work closely together to make beautiful canes.

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