Hand painting of walking canes will make your accessory more beautiful and unique. Colorful flowers or any different design can cover the stick. We are all different. And some of us love classic designs and some people can`t imagine their lives without bright colors everywhere.

Hand painting of walking canes

Hand painted walking cane is customized to the individuals taste as well as suited to the individual who loves patterns and colors. These eye catching canes come are available in many patterns. Some of these hand painted patterns include floral and paisley, which happen to be the most common selling styles. There are patriotic themes as well as whimsical patterns. If you are an artsy type, you also have the option to paint your own cane to give it a personal touch that is only your own.

Hand painted walking cane floral design

A hand painted decorative walking cane is not only there to help you with your balance and give you stability when walking, but a really pretty, distinctive hand painted walking cane can be a fashion statement; you will be the talk of the town with your hand painted cane. These canes are hand painted by our artist, depending on the style you choose from. Each walking cane is covered for protection after being hand painted. Each cane is given a protective coat to protect the design from wearing, cracking, or losing its color.

Hand painted walking cane bird

We apreciate offering these hand painted designer walking canes just for you. Please browse our site for the hand painted walking cane that is right for you. If you should happen to need assistance in choosing a design or have general questions on the hand painted walking canes available to you, please feel free to contact customer service. If hand painted canes are not what you are looking for try looking at our collection of walking canes on our home page.