Whatever type of cane you get, a great amount of attention and care has been put into it. Just like anything else you use and cherish, you will want your walking cane to look good and prolong the life of it. For this reason, you will want to properly care for your cane.

Clean and Polish

If you use your walking cane in the rain or in other wet conditions, dry it off carefully after use. If your walking stick has a varnish finish, polish it on occasion with a neutral-colored shoe polish. If your cane is unvarnished, clean it off with a damp cloth.

If you have a cane made from a dark-colored wood like ebony or rosewood, take the time on occasion to polish it with a like-colored shoe polish. But remember to use the polish sparingly as a little will go a very long way.

Replace Worn Parts

Whether your cane has a metal or rubber ferrule, you should replace it at the first sign of wear.

Proper Storage

Do not store your walking cane in direct sunlight or near a source of heat, like next to the stove.

Special Care

If you have a cane with a silver handle, gently clean it with silver cleaner. Handles made from other materials, like brass, leather or horn, require cleaning and maintenance as well. Handles made from unusual materials will often require special care and cleaning.

Taking good care of your walking cane ensures it will function very well, look good and last you for a very long time.

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