Stories from real lives are often inspirational for us! Every person is unique and can be an example of strength, wisdom, courage etc in different periods. In this blog we want to share with you the story of a walking cane user Maks Lanovyj.

The story of a walking cane user Maks Lanovyj

Maks Lanovyj is a model, organizer of photo and video shooting, administrator of, manager of the modeling agency IconA.

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"Since childhood, I have a physical defect of cerebral palsy.
I walk with a stick, thanks to it I am comfortable to move. When choosing a stick, I pay attention to the design, its shape, the material from which it is made and the shape of the handle to be comfortable to hold. And also at the weight of the stick itself.

I grew up as a child not like everyone else. Despite my flaw, I always dreamed of fantasizing about creating my own world where I was comfortable. Always perceived things as they are. It was difficult to find understanding with peers, for them I was eccentric with my whims.

My story began at the age of 9, watching various TV and fashion shows about models, I always imagined myself as a model. I dreamed of shooting for different magazines, working with designers, walking on the catwalk. I wanted to show and convey that people with various disabilities can also work in the fashion industry to be involved in various projects, to have a mission.

Once I decided to go to modeling school and that I will make my way into the modeling business, I will declare myself as a non-format model. Modeling agencies refused me, saying that they were not ready to work with me because it was unexpected for them. I decided not to give up anyway, I often heard from loved ones: "Who are you?", "Which of you is a model? People will not accept you!"

I found MA Katherine on the Internet, went to them, they took me to study. During my studies I liked everything very much: fashion show, posing, basics of modeling, practice. I was even offered a job, surprisingly. I started meeting different people related to the fashion industry. I realized that I would promote myself as a brand and model - like Maks Lanovyj. I started working with designers, photographers, I was often invited to shoot. I met Fashion photographer Andriy Honcharenko, who offered to become the administrator of his photo studio (they founded a team to shoot fashion projects).

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Since 2019, I have been organizing shootings for MA IconA Models in Lviv. I also reveal young talents who want to work in the modeling industry. We have a very cool team of models working at the European level.

I am involved in charity, I also help children with illnesses. My motto: "Never give up, go to your goal!"