In the realm of travel gear, finding a bag that perfectly marries style with functionality can be a daunting task. Yet, the Dark Brawn Weekend Bag, with its Crazy Horse leather craftsmanship, stands out as a beacon of rugged elegance. This handmade travel bag is not just an accessory but a statement of timeless style and durability that addresses the needs of the modern traveler, gym-goer, and everyday adventurer.

Dark Brawn Weekend Bag

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Dark Brawn Weekend Bag is a testament to the art of leatherwork. This barrel-shaped marvel is ideal for journeys, gym sessions, and daily use, allowing you to carry all essentials without compromising on masculinity.

Quality Crazy Horse Leather

The choice of Crazy Horse leather is no accident. Known for its durability and ability to age beautifully, this leather type ensures that each bag is unique. Over time, the leather develops a patina that enhances its character, telling the story of your travels and adventures.

Detachable Long Strap and Handy Compartments

Functionality comes in the form of a detachable long strap, providing versatility in carrying styles. Inside, two compartments offer organized storage, while an external pocket ensures your small essentials like phone and keys are always within reach.

Vintage Line: Embracing Imperfection

Belonging to the 'Vintage' collection, this bag celebrates the beauty of imperfection. It's a nod to the idea that both people and objects are more interesting and unique because of their flaws, not in spite of them.

Bonus Gift: Cordura 1000D Wet Bag

Understanding the needs of the modern traveler, each bag comes with a Cordura 1000D wet bag. This waterproof accessory is perfect for storing wet clothes or gym gear, protecting the contents of your bag from moisture and dirt.

Craftsmanship and Warranty

Handmade with natural leather, this bag reflects the skill of its makers. With a 3-year warranty, it's an investment in quality that lasts.

Natural Wear: A Sign of Individuality

The natural wear and tear, such as scratches and scuffs, are not flaws but features that add to the bag's individuality. Over time, the leather softens and polishes, acquiring a slight gloss that adds to its appeal.

Adaptable Hardware

Note that the bag's hardware and accessories may be updated by the manufacturer, ensuring that the bag evolves with the times while maintaining its classic appeal.


How does Crazy Horse leather age?

Crazy Horse leather ages by developing a rich patina, enhancing its aesthetic appeal and making each bag uniquely personal.

Can the strap length be adjusted?

Yes, the shoulder strap is adjustable, with a maximum length of 130 cm, providing comfort and versatility in how you choose to carry the bag.

Is the bag suitable for daily use?

Absolutely, the Dark Brawn Weekend Bag is designed for both daily use and travel, offering spacious compartments for all your essentials.

How do I care for Crazy Horse leather?

Crazy Horse leather can be maintained with regular dusting and a damp cloth for cleaning. Avoid excessive water exposure and condition the leather occasionally.

What makes the Dark Brawn Weekend Bag unique?

Its combination of rugged Crazy Horse leather, handmade craftsmanship, and functional design makes it a unique choice for those who value style and durability.

Does the wet bag come with every purchase?

Yes, every Dark Brawn Weekend Bag includes a Cordura 1000D wet bag as a complimentary accessory.


The Dark Brawn Weekend Bag is more than just a travel accessory; it's a companion for life's adventures. With its durable Crazy Horse leather, thoughtful design, and handmade craftsmanship, it embodies the spirit of the modern traveler. Whether you're jet-setting across continents or heading to the gym, this bag ensures you do so with style, functionality, and a nod to the timeless appeal of well-crafted leather goods.

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