We all love presents and we also love to make great and unforgettable gifts to the precious people in our lives. Sometimes it is not very easy. So we have decided to answer the question: "How to choose walking cane as a gift?"

How to choose walking cane as a gift?

Walking or assistive canes can be a very precious gift for someone you love. But there are certain aspects that you must consider when you buy the handy cane for someone.
Buying a personal cane can have long-term consequences and benefits, as a cane should be a perfect fit towards style, size, comfort and other aspects. If you wish to buy a gift in the form of assistive or walking cane for somebody else, here are some factors and tips for you to consider and get benefited from. The purchase is no worry as you can buy walking canes online as well.

The lifestyle

Walking canes are used quite often as walking is almost a regular activity. It is important that you choose a cane that matches the person’s lifestyle and even personality. 

The cane height

Canes come in various sizes so that persons with different heights can use them easily and conveniently. The height of the cane is especially Important. The correct height of the cane provides for a more comfortable walking experience on different kinds of terrains. Just read this blog to choose the right height for the walking cane as a present.

The handle type

Typically, choosing the grip of your cane is more or less simply personal preference. If you have a hard time grasping things with your fingers, you might want to consider a grip made from foam. If you suffer from arthritis or other joint pain, a cane with a larger grip will be more comfortable for you.

If you are noticing a numbness in the hand that holds your cane, it could be a signal that you chose the wrong type of grip or that the grip isn't a good fit for your hand. You can always ask your physical therapist which type of grip would work best. 

You can read our blog about handle types to choose the right one. 

The rubber tip

The rubber tip on the end of your cane should be pliable and supple. If it is hard and worn, then find a replacement.

The handle style

How to choose walking cane as a gift?

Choosing a handle style is imperative for both aesthetic and utility purposes. Handle styles are designed specifically with certain types of users in mind. Most users will feel comfortable with a traditional derby style handle, which is the most common type of walking cane handle on the market today. If this style does not appeal and the person loves something very unique he can collect, you can choose the cane with the handle from epoxy resin or the real bone. We sure you`ll find something great! All our walking sticks and canes you can see in our shop.

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