Everything we do we always try to do with all our hearts and our soul. We love to create beautiful things, but we also excited that those things can help people in their difficulties and also make them a little bit happier. Here we want to tell you a story of one walking cane and about it`s way...

A story of the one walking cane

"I help old people to walk. I am the one who support them while walking. It gives me lot of happiness. Can you guess who I am? Yes, you are correct I am a Walking Stick. I am the need of all old people who cannot manage themselves on their legs without help. I give them support so that they can walk with their heads held high.

I listened to God with my family and felt that we are privileged to have been chosen by God for a wonderful job. My leaves and the skin of my trunk and branches were peeled off and were sent to the factories which needed them. And then I was cut into thin and thick planks and then sent to factory which made walking sticks. They could make around three hundred sticks from me and my family. With the left out wood beautiful toys for kids were also made. I was polished with beautiful hue. And my family members too were looking very charming dipped in beautiful and vibrant colors. Then I was sent to the shop.

One day old man walked in our shop. He had seen me from outside, that is through the window. He was accompanied by his granddaughter a very cute little chubby girl. I knew he liked me and I am going to be picked by him. He came straight to me and bought me off though before buying me he tried to walk using me in the shop to check if I was fine for him. He finally paid the amount and took to my new abode. I was happy and excited. I was happy as I would be going to a new place to deliver my services to an old man. I have been rendering services to my master. His name is, Mr. John Steve. He is 75. He loves me as he carries me everywhere. Both of us go walking and spend a lot of time together. I love my job as I bring relief and happiness to this man. When I go for walking I meet my friends and family members who stay in the neighborhood. Life is beautiful……especially when we help the needy, and bring happiness and smiles to other faces. Thank you God! For helping me identify myself…A WALKING STICK…"

A story of one walking cane

Our team really wants to make your life more colorful in different seasons. Just surround yourself with beautiful people and we believe that beautiful things can also help you to stay more positive and more healthy. We want you to be happy and to enjoy every day of your life! Your ART WALKING STICKS!

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