Many people want to be sure in chosing the right walking cane for travel. Because it is about their comfort and health. In this blog we want to share a review of one of customers about folding walking cane for travel.

About folding walking cane for travel

"I was also worried that her regular cane may give us issues while traveling on a pane, that is why I figured a folding cane may be a little more practical?"

Over the years I have travelled with both varieties and, for me, the big disadvantage of flying with a normal walking stick is that it must go in the overhead locker and, unless I can ensure that it is the last item to be stowed (at the front) and be the first on my feet to retrieve it on landing, it can easily end up at the very back of the locker, beyond my reach. In fact, I am considering purchasing another folding stick as, folded, it would fit easily into the pocket (in the back of the seat in front) and remain within easy reach.

When approaching Security - anywhere, not only at airports - I always proffer my walking stick and have occasionally been offered the use of a substitute to use until my own has been cleared.

I recommend having a carrying loop, with a luggage label permanently attached, for when one needs both hands free e.g. taking photographs. I made mine using wide elastic to go around the stick and wide cotton tape for looping around my wrist."  (Paul, United Kingdom)