Walking cane is a valuable in many meanings accessory. And that`s why it`s better to use some accessories for your cane to protect it, for you to feel more comfortable and also to look more stylish, because all bags, cases and straps we have are made from real leather with very high quality.

Accessories for walking cane

Wrist straps

Are chiefly designed to allow people who use canes to release their grip without having the cane fall to the floor. Function isn’t the only purpose of wrist straps, though—they can also help dress up your cane.

Cane Carry Bags

Sometimes you don’t need your cane at the ready, and a cane carry bag can help you protect your cane from falls, nicks, and other accidental damage, while providing a stylish wrapping. Cane carry bags are helpful when traveling or when you have an extra cane you hardly use.

These protective bags also come in handy pouch styles for transporting folding canes. 

Leather black bag for travel folding walking cane

Cases for walking canes

Bags for canes are created just for travel folding canes. For simple canes we have cases. They can be made from leather or from textile. You can use case to protect your cane and it will help you to transport your stick especially if you use it just as an accessory and don`t need it all the time with medical purpuse.

Textile case for walking cane

Leather case for walking cane