Cane Stands

If you have few or more walking canes it is important for you to have a place to collect them at home. And we have created cane stands that will become a beautiful part of your interior!

Cane stands

Collectible canes and walking sticks are available in a wide range from many cultures and time periods.
The basic purpose of a walking stick or cane is to help a person balance while walking. Walking sticks used by hikers aid in clearing the way as well as breaking downhill or added support for going uphill. They have also been known to be used as a defensive or offensive weapon which may even conceal a blade in the end.
Around the 17th or 18th century a rigid stick took over from the sword as a part of the European gentlemen’s wardrobe and was used primarily as a walking stick. In addition to its value as a decorative accessory it also continued to fulfil some of the function of the sword as a weapon. Many of the old vintage canes and walking sticks are now sought after by collectors.

We have created walking cane stands for you to be able to collect your walking sticks.

Cane stands and walking stick stands are functional, expertly crafted, and beautifully designed to add elegance and sophistication to the decor in your home or office. A cane holder, also called a cane rack, is used to hold and store walking sticks when you aren’t using them. These stands keep canes upright to allow easy access without having to bend or reach down.

To some folks, a cane stand might look like a big space dedicated to one purpose only, i.e. providing a spot to stack away canes when not using them. However, there is more to a cane stand than this elementary viewpoint. Most of the cane stands popular today are made from wood.

The more fashionable options made of premium hardwoods like oak or pinewood. A wooden cane stand with a quality finishing exudes a serene, woody aura. When kept in one corner of the room, it adds to the overall beauty. Easy to move around the house, each cane stand can house different types of canes. If you have a collection of some designer canes or fashionable walking sticks, the cane stand along with the attention grabbing canes can become a part of the interior decoration.

Our cane stands come with dedicated, spherical spaces that can accommodate heavy-duty and petite canes with ease. If you know someone who uses a cane, a cane stand can be a very considerate, sensibly chosen, unique gifting item.