If you want to order something special for yourself all for someone you love it is a really good idea to choose custom products. It may be products with initials or made with your unique design. And here we want to share with you about custom walking sticks.

Custom walking sticks

A custom cane or walking stick is a very special item. A cane is something that person will hold in your hand and carry with you, sometimes for long periods of time. 

Ordinary canes at first help people to walk better, but the design makes them more unique and exclusive. Our canes are made with acute precision and attention to detail. We make sure that the cane adds up to style as well as your daily needs, making it a perfect fit for casual as well as special occasions. 

custom walking canes and sticks

If you are looking for a walking cane that can be gifted to the elderly member of the family such as any of your in-laws, parents, etc., it is a good choice to present something with initials or with exclusive design.

The most unique feature of any cane or walking stick is the head. It is the decorative element, the artwork, that makes a statement about you, and is the part of your cane that needs to fit your hand. Of course nothing makes your cane as unique as having the head custom designed just for you. We will gladly work with you to design and sculpt a cane head. From preliminary drawings to final product, we do our best to keep you engaged in the entire design experience.

design of walking cane

The shaft or body of a custom cane is always carved and shaped by hand, and the length is custom tailored to your height. And we can add initials or some phrase that is special for you or someone you love.

You can see many walking canes with unique designs on our web-site and choose something great! If you want to add personalisation (initials etc) you can write it in your order.

If you want us to make a walking cane with your own design write us here!