Defensive canes and walking sticks were very popular many years ago. These canes are: sword canes, gun cane, razor cane, rocket flare cane and other. But simple walking stick can also be used for self-defense. And in this blog we want to share with you how you can do this.

Defensive canes and walking sticks

A little from history

From the Victorian era, a walking stick was a staple of any wealthy man’s wardrobe. As far as self-defense goes, a weapon cane offers the perfect element of surprise. From metal canes with a concealed blade to curved wooden walking sticks with a firearm built right in, these antique accessory pieces all hid their own unique story.

During the 18th and 19th centuries, carrying a sword became less socially acceptable. Of course, this did not dissuade those who preferred to be armed and those who were already trained in swordsmanship. Thus began the fad of hiding one’s weapon in plain sight — such as disguising it as part of one’s wardrobe or through a wooden cane or walking stick. It was also not uncommon for a lady to conceal a weapon in her walking stick or parasol, as it was even less socially acceptable for a woman to be armed.
Defensive rocket walking cane Self-defense

Rocket flare cane

Many walking sticks look harmless on their exterior, yet hold a harmful — or even lethal — weapon within them. With street crime rising in the mid-19th century, weapon canes grew in popularity as a way to protect oneself in the case of being threatened or accosted. The weapon cane acted as a self-defense tool camouflaged in your everyday dress, and an attacker would likely categorize a walking stick as a sign of weakness or disability. Surprise! Whether made of wood or stainless steel, these high quality accessories served multiple purposes and were exceptionally popular among the wealthy.
Gun self-defense walking cane

French gun cane

Simple walking canes for self-defense

Hidden in plain sight, your cane is a potential weapon that you can bring with you anywhere you go. But what is the mostinteresting about using canes for self-defense is the element of surprise. Because your attackers will see your cane as a sign of weakness or disability. Even a simple block with your protective cane can cause your attacker serious pain (especially if you manage to hit a bone).

You can use the cane to:
– hook your attacker's limbs and take away his mobility;
– crush his foot with the tip of your cane in close quarters;
– a strong cane blow to a vital area – head, neck, kidneys, knees; it will end the fight really fast.

A good self-defense cane is a lifesaver in situations where you don't have access to other weapons.

Defensive wooden walking canes

Defensive walking canes and sticks