In order to create new walking canes for you we always try do learn different materials that will look beautiful, be strong and will serve you for many years. Epoxy walking sticks are really unique. We sure that our new collection of these canes is worth of your attention.

Epoxy walking sticks

Epoxy resin as material

Epoxy resins are characterised by their very good electrical properties and chemical resistance, good strength and low absorption of moisture.

Epoxy resin for walking sticks

Epoxy resin offers possibilities for artistic and handicraft processing that can hardly be compared with any other raw material. The combination of the materials epoxy resin and wood is conceivable in many ways.

From a purely technical point of view, the epoxy resins often used as coating materials are so-called thermosetting polymers. These consist of a resin and a matching hardener. Only when these two parts are finally mixed together in a precisely defined ratio is a chemical reaction set in motion. At the end of this reaction, after a certain period of time, the material is completely cured if everything has been done correctly. Fully cured surfaces of an epoxy coating are generally very scratch-resistant and resistant to water, solvents and many types of chemicals.

Epoxy resin walking stick

Epoxy walking sticks

We use epoxy resin for our walking canes to create this wonderful colors and smooth surface that no one other material will do. And such sticks are realy unique. Because it`s impossible to make two equal canes like these. 

Here is our new collection of unique epoxy walking canes: