You may be interested about fritz handle of walking canes if comfort is always in big priority for you. This design has a long history and was created at first for those who are suffering from muscular and neuro-muscular problems.

Fritz handle of walking canes

Fritz handle was first designed by a German physician for arthritis patients in the 16th century. These canes became extremely popular over a period, as they offered both comfort and style. Some of the fritz walking sticks are available with accent collars as well, usually preferred by women who are searching for easy-to-carry, light canes that can double-up as a fashion accessory.

Fritz handle cane blue

These canes are designed in such a way that the user's weight is directed mostly on to the shaft. This ensures minimal need to ground the cane with great effort, ensuring the user gets more support and stability without exerting hard. Its open-ended handle are made for better grip as it provides you additional space for your hands and fingers. Arthritis patients can prevent their fingers from getting cramped while holding the cane. Shafts are made from lightweight, top quality and strong hardwoods. For additional strength and durability Kiln-cured wood is used to make fritz walking canes, which prevents splintering or cracking. It makes the fritz cane more cost-effective as well. People refer to Fritz Canes as Crutch Handle canes too. Fritz canes can be a perfect gift to someone you love especially seniors and patients suffering from muscular and neuro-muscular problems.

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