We love what we do. And we also love to receive stories from you as this one: "My story about the starting using the walking cane". Because we create our products for people with love.

My story about the starting using the walking cane

"Hello! My name is Sam. I want to share with you my story.
Because of my age (okay, I will tell you that I am 65) I understood that sometimes have a need to use a walking cane just to keep my balance.

I was not looking for it before. And also I had an opinion that such things are just for very old men (I think that I am not).

My story about the starting using the walking cane

But that time came and I googled that "walking cane for sale" and started my searching. Honestly, I was not very positive in that time, because I have never seen really beautiful and stylish sticks before.

But when I`ve found Art Walking Sticks I was so surprised. Every collection is so unique and beautiful that deserves the attention of even young people. So wonderful details, designs, colors, structures and quality. All I can say that I am in love with those fashionable canes. And if I found this company 10 or even 20 years ago I think I`ve started to collect such awesome accessories. And from 65 it`s a time to use them not just as something for your great look.

But this is not the end of the story. I showed those walking canes to my wife. And she ordered 2 painted sticks for her mom. That was amazing present. And now we see the smile on her face more often.

In my collection there are 4 pieces from this shop. And this is just the start. My friends and family are happy that thay know which gifts I will really like.

I am sure that details matter. One cup of coffee in the morning can help you to enjoy your day. One warm 5 minutes talk can make your heart melt. And one stylish detail (as fancy walking stick) can help you feel yourself more confident.

I just want to say thank you for creating such wonderful canes for people. So they can see themselves beautiful in every period and every age!"