We know that all our clients love adventures and love visiting new places. And here we have for you some good recommendations for travelling!

Recommendations for travelling

Whether this is your first trip as an independent traveler or you’ve been traveling solo for a while, there is always something new to learn. That’s why we came up with this review! Here is a list of best gear recommendations for independent travellers that will prove beneficial to you:

1. Travel Bag / Smart Suitcase

A small portable travel bag is crucial for independent travelers. While traveling, your bag is literally your life, and you definitely don’t want to lose it! Packing and moving light ensures that you can manage your travel bag with ease. Smart suitcases are the real deal. Using your smartphone, you can;

Check your bag’s location
Tell whether it’s been opened or not
Check the weight
Some smart travel bags have a USB port which you can use to charge your phone. Such bags are revolutionizing how we travel and will significantly benefit independent travelers.


2. Clothing Recommendations for Solo Travelers

The number one clothing recommendation for travelers is only to pack essential clothing. Considering you don’t have the luxury of space, you’ll have to be creative with your choice of clothing. Use the following criteria to select clothing:

Durability – Be of decent quality
Functionality – Clothing with multipurpose use
Clothing you can repeat wear
Comfortable and feels good to wear
Proper wear – some countries are strict on culture and shun some clothing pieces. Even if you’re planning to go swimming, check out the recommended swimsuit for the destination
If you’re uncertain about your choices, get help from travel or outdoor clothing company.

3. Footwear Recommendations for Travelers

Like clothing, footwear recommendation for independent travelers is only to carry what is essential, depending on the destination choice. A pair of sandals, flip-flops (light), vented shoes, running shoes, and hiking boots are recommended for the majority of the destinations. When moving around, put on the bulky shoes to save on bag space. The following will prove beneficial:

A waterproof shoe travel bag
Anti-bacterial liners

4. Cool Gadgets for Independent Travel

A world traveller backpack will have some if not all of the cool gadgets for independent travellers listed below:

Wireless Router
A wireless router is a brilliant recommendation for travelers. Not every destination will have internet, or even if they do it may not be as efficient. A wireless router will be useful. They are light and compact – easy to carry around.

Car Charger
You’ll be using your smartphone or tablet a lot – play podcast, music, find directions, communicate. Well, you’ll probably run out charge halfway. In case you’re renting a car having a car adapter can ensure you don’t run out of charge. You can be charging your devices while driving.

To evade boredom while taking long trips, a tablet will come in handy. Download magazines, books, and games to your tablet to keep busy. For heavy readers, apps such as kindle on the tablet will prove beneficial.

Secure Luggage Lock
Alone, it’s easy to get distracted by the surroundings leaving your bag unmanned. To be safe get a secure luggage lock. That way, even when you’re not looking, nobody can get access to your luggage.

Luggage Tracker
You need a luggage tracker to keep track of your bags, and this is especially so when you encounter issues.

Waterproof Phone Casing
Waterproof phone casing can seem bulky, but you need one. You never know when you’ll be caught in bad weather.

Solar Charger
Spending a lot of time away from access to plugs? A solar charger for your phone, tablet or camera will ensure that you stay connected.

5. Cool Apps Recommendations for travelers

There are several smartphone app recommendations for independent travelers which are free and are available on the Google Play or Apple store. They provide insider travel tips for many destinations.

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