We honor and love all our clients and always try to do the best for you. No matter how tall you are, what is your weight, what problems you have you are beautiful and we want to make your life more comfortable and wonderful. That`s why we create different types of sticks and also walking canes for short person.

Walking cane for short person

Walking cane for short person

Every person has different desires, unique opinions, and individual needs. No two human beings were ever created identical; just as every snowflake is distinct, the same goes for individuals. And therefore, there is almost never a one-size-fits-all cane option that will work for anyone. This is the very reason why we offers walking canes also for short persons. We understand that not all people are the same height, and we want to provide every person, regardless of height, with the perfect cane. 

he importance of using a walking cane that is the proper height simply cannot be underestimated. When a cane is the right size for the user, it allows the person to move around more confidently and easily. However, when a cane is not the correct size, ultimately, it is contra purposeful. This is because the user’s impetus for acquiring a cane is based on the fact that a cane is designed to assist the user with maintaining his balance, and to ensure the user is being properly supported while in a mobile state. Ergo, it is best to not have a cane at all rather than have a cane that is too high.

When a short person utilizes a tall cane, it is much more strenuous for him. He has to put in much more effort in order to raise the cane following each step. He must be careful to keep the cane straight, even though it is too high, because if he doesn’t do so, it may cause him to lose his balance. Also, a cane that is too high may trigger pain or strain on back and upper and lower arm muscles.

For all these reasons, it is imperative for a person to pick the cane that is the right height.

A pediatric cane is not the same thing as a walking cane for a short person. The difference between the two is subtle, but distinct nonetheless: A pediatric cane is designed to support a child, and will usually be between 21 and 28 inches high. It has a weight capacity of about 150 pounds. In contrast, a walking cane for short persons can generally be adjusted to any height between 28 and 38 inches. Essentially, a pediatric cane is designed for use by a child, while a walking cane for a short person was constructed to support a short person who is not in the throes of childhood, or even at the threshold of adolescence. 

Walking cane for short person

There are many different designs to choose from when it comes to picking a walking cane for a short person. You can choose from a short walking cane with a floral design, one with a sparkly blue surface, one with a plaid pattern. There are also classic wooden designs. We can make for you any cane from our collections in size you need. Just choose yours!