Sterling silver handle walking canes

We have a big variety of walking canes and you just need to find the best for yourself. And we want to share with you in this blog about sterling silver handle walking canes.

Sterling silver handle walking canes

Canes From around 1550 to 1930, canes were a dressing accessory without which a lady or gentleman, properly dressed, would never leave the house. However their use went out of fashion after this, leaving the market to collectors. For a collector, the main interest lies in the handle, which could be made of wood, bamboo, ebony, ivory, tusk, animal horn, or bone. Sometimes they were made out of porcelain, Bakelite, gold, silver, or glass or sprinkled with precious gemstones. The height of good taste was a gold handle with minimal decoration, as silver handles were despised by the wealthier classes. However silver handled canes have survived in large numbers, and exhibit a wide variety of decorative treatment, from the comparatively plain, armorial or regimental style to the more flamboyant excesses of Art Nouveau. Carved handles can be found depicting grotesque animal or human forms, and are highly prized nowadays. Also keenly sought are multi-purpose canes, with a concealed spirit flask, tobacco pipe or even a tiny fire-arm for personal safety.

A walking stick was an integral part of every well dressed man's wardrobe in the nineteenth century, and his collection of walking-sticks were probably kept just inside the hall in a stand, sharing space with umbrellas.

Walking-sticks and canes derive from the cudgels and staves carried for defense, evolving into dress accessories topped with silver or ivory, with a ferrule at the point to cut down wear. Many had elaborately carved heads. Sometimes these unscrewed to reveal space for a snuff box or other article.

Silver or metallic gray is a color tone resembling gray that resembles the color of polished silver. Its metallic shine is a beautiful visual sensation. Silver looks very futuristic in clothing.

Enjoy the beautiful feel and look of our silver metallic handle walking canes! The beauty of silver walking canes is in their classy luster and sharp, modern style. Choose the design, size and thickness of your silver style cane according to your height and needs.

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